The Team

Webcomics don’t just create themselves, it does take a small team to create them.

Here is a list of the talented individuals behind “What the Fott?”


Julie Yllogeek – Artist

Statistics: Skills:
Intelligence 25 Graphics 20
Constitution 22 Singer 12
Charisma 21 Musician 12
Agility 20 Computers 10
Intuition 11 Painter 05
Strength 10 Beam Weapons 05
Aggression 09 Poet 03
Total Experience: 67,000

Prone to uncontrollable verbal outbursts.

Occupation – Primary/Secondary:
Designer/ Performer

Julie is attending school in Paris for graphic & digital design but is shy, so instead of talking about herself she made a picture which is worth 1,000 words:

Julie Doodle for Team Page

Here we see a Pascian drawing Cera and the other main characters of ‘What The Fott?’


William “Rob” Leftwich – Writer

Through hard work, accident, and a short attention span, Rob has acquired throughout his life a highly diverse skill set. He has a BA in history, is certified as a Radiologist and medical assistant, licensed to drive 18-wheelers, experienced in management, and has a powerful mastery of general trivia.

Rob’s unique skills leave him well prepared for the Mad Max style hellscape that we all know is just around the corner.

Other things to know about Rob: Rob has memorized the formula for gunpowder in case he ever gets sent back in time. Rob is a moderately successful hip-hop artist under the name “Bro Sure”. Rob is always prepared for ninja attacks. Rob is the last registered member of the Whig party.

Rob has psychic powers similar to The Beastmaster, but they only work on rodents. This is likely because he was bitten by a radioactive Mark Singer.

Rob enjoys talking about himself in the third person. Rob is also driven into a berserk frenzy whenever someone says the word “utilize”. For god’s sake people, it’s only linguistic function is to add two extra syllables to the word “use”.


Andrew Bator – Lead Designer

Andrew is COO of AVPI and a 72nd Level expert nerd, producer, dreamweaver, and hack.

He has 15 years experience as a leader in multimedia design, marketing strategies & trends, team building, along with operation and virtual coordination of global team experience.


Carlos “Dark Maggot” Venegas – Designer

Dark Maggot brings a wide range of both 2D & 3D artistic talent to the team, having graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas.

Unfortunately he was infected by ARM agents with the genetically tailored viral parasite Yum Yum Treetz. He diligently continues to work on Battlelords concepts as worms slowly consume him.


Christopher “Lethos” Bourton – Web Admin

Lethos is CTO of AVPI and the Lead Programmer on the BL23c project(s). Having 15 plus years of programming experience, he is an irreplaceable asset at AVPI. Born in Wales, UK and raised in England, he studied Games Programming at Teesside University; Now putting that to use in the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century games. He is attempting to create a computer that is self-aware to bring about the fall of humanity, or maybe just do his work for him.

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