General Knowledge

Lithe, strong, and fast are the three words that best describe this race of felines. The Cizerack are a race of large, blue/black cat-like creatures, indigenous to the planet Cashoulis of the 61-Verginis star system. Like all cats, the Cizerack are extremely fast and nimble, able to achieve speeds of 80kph for short periods of time. They can leap vertically up to 3m and horizontally up to 5m. Evolution has brought on the ability to walk erect, as well as on all fours.

Most Cizerack resemble giant hyenas, although there are species similar to panthers and lions. They possess steel gray eyes from which comes the statement, “Beware the eyes of the Cat.” Cizerack have incredible hearing and vision. The felines are also formidable in weaponless com bat. One complete open hand attack from this race can kill a typical human with ease.

They are a match for any other race, possessing excellent balance, incredible speed, and superior agility. Felines can take a lot of damage before being dispatched to the heavens. They possess prehensile paws, with extendible/re tractable fingers, without which the cats would never have been able to develop such a sophisticated, technologically advanced society.


The Cizerack government is clan-like. The matriarchy is set up so that the oldest females rule the society. The cats are strongly territorial, each clan controlling a section of land, headed by the Ratum Ala (den mother). The Cizerack society functions, but is plagued by continual fighting over territorial sovereignty. The most powerful clan is the Fenib Maturt. There exist some 200,000 Fenib panthers.


Cizerack culture stresses discipline and knowledge. The young females are sent to school where they are taught Damack Hatib (the Code of Living). This code stresses individualism, freedom, and the work ethic. “Any good feline is a working feline.” Female cats are taught the value of their own self and that of the clan.

Note! A powerful dichotomy exists between the sexes of this race. While the females are revered, the male Cizer ack are kept as ignorant slaves, existing to perpetuate the race and perform menial labor. Because of this nearly all Cizerack player characters will be female.


The Cizeracks’ technological revolution occurred over a period of 1,000 years because of the cats’ poor manual dexterity. But never question the intestinal fortitude of these precocious females. As they say, “There isn’t one thing that 10 males could do, that one good female couldn’t do better.”

Overcrowding forced Cizerack scientists to look to the stars, and the Cizerack nation first developed space travel in 1600 B.C. Intergalactic space travel occurred in 97 A.D. Expeditionary fleets have charted all the star systems within 150 parsecs of their home planet.

The cats are blood enemies of the Python Lizards and Ram Pythons. In 1856 A.D., a Cizerack expeditionary fleet set out to colonize the Floridian system and encountered the barbaric races of lizards. Chatira the 3rd, high den mother of Cashoulis, sought to elevate the Python nation by bringing them superior Cizerack equipment, products, and culture. The den mother sent an emissary to the planet Pythos. The lizards brutally murdered the goodwill ambassador at Makel and an enraged Chatira ordered the invasion of the lizard planet. The Cizerack/Python War lasted almost a hundred years.

The Cizerack also encountered the Mazians early in their explorations. In fact, they discovered the amoebae long before they stumbled upon the lizards. The two share an amicable relationship. The amoebae often ride the cats. Strange!


The cats are carnivores and prefer a diet of meat, as opposed to vegetables or synthetics. The sight of red blood has a powerful effect on them: the cats become enraged. So if you are a Human and get hurt while hanging around a cat, I suggest quite strongly that you get your… out of the area!

Physiological Makeup

A Cizerack cat is prolific, reproducing every year or so, and when a Cizerack goes into heat, she becomes irrational and violent. She needs to be fulfilled, whatever the cost, and there have been documented cases where a cat has became so “heated” that she actually took a non-Cizerack to serve her. Her biological cycle is such that she usually knows when her time is approaching and journeys home to take her mate. After she gives birth, the Cizerack often kills the male.

Cizerack have special vision. Their eyes filter out and enhance ambient light sources so that the cat can see equally well at night as during the day. Evolution has also brought about another strange occurrence. Their eyes contain a small biological organism that reacts with its environ ment to produce faint glowing light. Thus, the cat’s eyes actually glow in the dark. Scientists reflect that this is due to the fact that the planet Cashoulis has an inordinately long winter where darkness prevails for up to seven months at a time. Life Expectancy: 65 years.


This race enjoys roaming about prairies and savannahs. Cizerack love nature and the outdoors. They are not at home in cities and other crowded places. The favorite Cizerack vacationing spot is the Przar Wildlife Preserve on Pishalis.


The Cizerack home is usually a modest but comfortable cave-like structure called a Wewh. Most Wewhs are multi-tiered and maintain spacious rooms which the cats fill with throw pillows. Otherwise there is not much furniture to be found in a Cizerack home.

General Occupation

Cizerack tend to follow a strict interpretation of law and order and are often found as leaders of long range reconnaissance patrols where their inherent speed can be properly utilized in open terrain.


Bulie Bird: It is odd that felines would keep such an animal as a pet. They only keep the females. Male Bulie birds usually end up in the Cizerack’s stomach as a snack. The Cizerack often use these birds as scouts or homing devices.

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