AndromeniGeneral Knowledge

The Andromeni are the only purely energy-based, sentient form of life ever discovered in Alliance space. Many Alliance citizens doubt that they actually exist and consider them merely a fairy tale, calling them Energy Vampires; akin to Bigfoot on Earth or the Croduc-igan Demon on Eridine. Andromeni seem to prefer it that way and do very little to advertise their presence. The race is currently indigenous to Plias of the Ventros star system in Andromeda, though they may not last there. The Ventros star is collapsing, which will result in a supernova within the next millennium. The Andromeni have secretly asked the Alliance through Mutzachan envoys for relocation aid. No suitable system has yet been found. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of Andromeni are dispersing into the Alliance to aid the search for a new home and as a way to preserve the species in case the Ventros star novas sooner than expected.

Andromeni naturally exist as energy, appearing as sparkling auras of light, oscillating in size and varying in hue from yellow to red.  Their shade changes depending on their emotional state. They appear to be composed of mental energy that exists tangibly, leading to speculation that Andromeni were once corporeal beings who shed their physical bodies; perhaps through evolution or design. Extremely ancient ruins on their home planet may reinforce this hypothesis, but no written or oral history exists in Andromeni culture to offer any evidence.

Andromeni got their nickname, “Energy Vampire” from a specific technique they learned shortly after encountering corporeal Alliance races. Andromeni discovered that their unique energy patterns allow them to inhabit a sentient body or animal.

Once attuned to the new vessel, the  Andromeni gain all of the racial abilities that the host possesses, with the exception of energy-based attack forms or matrix use. In addition, the Andromeni also gains access to all of the host’s skills.

An Andromeni may learn skills it might not otherwise be able to learn while inhabiting a host body, such as physical skills or skills that require tool (or computer) use. For example, an Andromeni could learn weapon or hand-to-hand combat skills while inhabiting a host body, even though in its natural state the Andromeni cannot pick up a weapon or fight in physical combat.

While outside of a physical host body, the Andromeni appears as a shimmering, intangible cloud. They can pass through any kind of material, except for a Flux shield, magnetic bottle, or other energy barrier.

Andromeni have a difficult time understanding the concepts of laws, organizations, and social interaction, often finding such trappings quaint and primitive.

Physiological Makeup

An Andromeni in its natural state cannot be affected by any known weapon system or damage; it is virtually “unkillable” in the normal sense. An Andromeni’s host body can be destroyed, but the Andromeni will be unaffected. Nearly all Andromeni die from old age. Mental attacks however, affect the Andromeni, not its host body. The Andromeni species is asexual, and an Andromeni merely splits in two to form another separate and conscious being. This occurs every 80-100 years. The life span of an Andromeni is approximately 400 years. Andromeni have no need to eat, sleep, or breath. They can survive in any environment.


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