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Webcomic Update

Like many Webcomic’s out there, we use the plugins and themes based on the popular plugin called webcomic by Mike. He recently made updates to version 4, Which is usually good news, not this time, he changed quiet a lot between versions and most people going from 3 to 4 are having one hell of a bad time. So

Every Vote Counts!

We are growing and we love that we are. Each time you come to our comic we would really appreciate it if you’d vote for us! It’s the same one in the side bar over to the right. Just a little way to show your support. Lets see if we can get in to the top 100, it just takes

Sorry for the Delay

Had to take abit of time off due to feeling so “Bleh”, but We got the latest comic up, so Enjoy! Bugs meets Bunny Hopefully we can get back to a normal pace and release more comics over the next few days.