Webcomic Update

Like many Webcomic’s out there, we use the plugins and themes based on the popular plugin called webcomic by Mike.


He recently made updates to version 4, Which is usually good news, not this time, he changed quiet a lot between versions and most people going from 3 to 4 are having one hell of a bad time.

So if you have already done it and panicing about it not working, check the link below, it worked for us, while doing what was suppose to be a routine plugin update.


If however you have not yet made the update. I’d recommend you read up on themes that support Version 4. Read up again on what to do and how to revert back. Then Backup and if you still want to try do so.

Otherwise be safe and don’t upgrade, it’s not worth the hassle until all the bugs are fixed in the upgrade process. Thats what I did, I am happy with the latest version of 3. It’s given me no problems.

Yes, webcomic will continue eventually, our artist is just unavailable right now. So when she isn’t available, there is no artwork to put up. Our writers have the scripts ready for many many panels, have for some time.

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